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    My Ajax application behaving abnormal

    thenotorious_flag Level 1
      The Code i will be posting elow works for my other pages, but one of my pages where i am showing the admin details.

      when i click the addnew or edit button, it opens the window and link fields to it.

      In the cfwindow i am using the script to navigate to other page for submission, but by default it is using the page where it cam from:

      Here what i am trying to do?

      Now the main Problem is here where it is picking the old Form action address:

      of <form name="loginComplete" id="loginComplete" action="/jokes/core/setlogin.cfm?formName=NewAdminMember1225735275035&amp;MemberID=&amp;r oleType=undefined&amp;runMode=NewAdmin&amp;_cf_containerId=NewAdminMember1225735275035_bod y&amp;_cf_nodebug=true&amp;_cf_nocache=true&amp;_cf_clientid=BD48091B2FFA0B682546FE4D3C4DB 4EF&amp;_cf_rc=1" method="post" onsubmit="return ColdFusion.Ajax.checkForm(this, _CF_checkloginComplete,'NewAdminMember1225735275035_body')">

      by the code setting it should locate to logincomplete.cfm page where i will do all the checking and thestuff.

      But something going is wrong.

      I am using same technique at other pages and they are working fine.

      Is something wrong in here

      Plz Help Thanks