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    Flex WebServices

      I am having some troubles calling a webService using 3 PC on the network:
      - one for the browser / application
      - one for the web server hosting the .html and the.swf file
      - one hosting the RPC webService (standalone gSoap server).

      The gSoap server is hosting the crossdomain.xml and the .wsdl file.

      First I was having the common security issue, fixed thanks the crossdomain.xml file. I am now getting successfully the crossdomain file and the wsdl file.
      Next step being to send the WS request but the message is never sent, Flex is not firing any exception, any fault, even with a try catch.
      The request is like blocked by Flex.
      Everything's working fine with the RPC webService server on the same box.

      I spent a lot of time on this issue so if anybody can give a hand it would be great.


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          wyattbiker Level 1
          Could it be a firewall issue?
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            rr_34 Level 1
            Nope. Firewall is disabled on the browser/client machine.
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              rr_34 Level 1
              I am giving some more details, I'm still stuck on this problem.
              Flex is automatically sending an HTTP GET for the croosdomain file and then for the WSDL.
              My gSoap server is sending the good content for both files (we have a flex application working fine with an Axis server and the GET responses is quiet the same).
              If i'm spying the network, I am seeing a new HTTP GET crossdomain.xml sent to an address I've never specified.
              It's like the first GET crossdomain was not correct and Flex is retrying to an address took I don't know where.
              After that my WS requests are blocked by Flex and are never sent. We compare the 2 applications (1 with gSoap server and the other with Axis server) and the Flex code is nearly the same.
              Anyone with an idea ???