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    cferror issue

      Hello All

      I have an issue with my error handler.
      I have a site that I am migrating from CF7 to CF8.
      This site works great under CF7 but under CF8 my error hander half works.

      In my Application.cfm file I have a cferror as the last item (Attached Below).

      This code does not seem to have any issues.

      My error handler page (Error.cfm) has two sections an error processing area that sends an email out to the developers detailing the error and a friendly error message to be displayed to the viewer.

      The error processing area works just fine the emails get sent out with all of the error details. The issue I am having is the friendly error message does not get displayed. I am seeing the standard error that ColdFusion generates.

      The friendly error message is pretty standard fare. A cfinclude for a header and a footer (to match the site) and some nice text (Attached Below).

      Any advice on what could be causing this or where to look would be greatly appreciated.
      If you need more information let me know