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    [CS2,CS3] strange problem with translations

      Hi all,

      I'm using the translation feature of PMString, that means I have keys in my code and English and German strings in the resources.
      On my Windows machine with IDCS2 debug and IDCS3 release all works fine.
      On another Windows machine with IDSC2 release my collegue gets keys for some strings and translated strings for some other strings.
      On my Mac with IDCS3 release I get the same problem. It looks as if the strings that I have added a long time ago are translated and the newer ones are not.
      I have renamed the folder in Library/Preferences where InDesign cashes data but that did not help.
      Can someone help ?

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          WolfgangGo Level 1

          I have found a cause for the problem:
          When the resource PluginVersion in the .fr file uses version numbers from the SDK, like in the sample plugins, then InDesign cashes data from the plugin in an unknown place.
          This is not where "InDesign Defaults" or "InDesign SavedData" are located.
          After I have changed these numbers to my own values InDesign gave a warning message at start and deleted all cashed data of the application and my translations worked again.

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            jochens5907408 Level 1

            Hi Wolfgang,

            after a VM crash my plugin  project does not find the resource kind 'PlugInVersion' at my fr file.

            The other resource elements are also not found.

            Seems to me that the link to the SDK is broken.

            How to solve that failure?


            Jochen Seliger