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    Disable HTML Text Selection

    King Wardrop
      Is this at all possible? I want to disable the ability for users to select text in certain elements of my HTML AIR Application. I want to keep things like buttons and text links click-able though, so overlaying something like a transparent PNG wouldn't work too well.

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          Does anyone found a solution to this?

          I am facing the same problem.

          I have disabled contextmenu, but after user selects a text, on right-click "copy" menu is visible.


          Please help

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            I was looking for a solution to the same problem and found only this thread.


            After a few tests and researches I've found how to do this and it seems to be fairly easy.


            To avoid selecting text an element should have css attribute "-webkit-user-select" set to "none" (this is WebKit's equivalent for css3 user-select). The only thing left to do is to set cursor's shape to "default" or "pointer".



            html {

                 -webkit-user-select: none;

                 cursor: default;