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    [CS2 Mac] Unexpected Alert Window

      Hi All,<br /><br />I have a problem to find the reason for an unexpected Alert Window on ID CS2 Mac. I wrote a PlugIn with an Button that's open an Dialog. After I close the Dialog - I get an Alert Window with the following Text:<br />"5. Arbeitsbereich laden" maybe retranslated to English: "5. Workspace load"<br />I don't know why this Alert comes. Please help me.<br /><br />Now some info's:<br />ID CS2 MAC 4.0.5, CodeWarrior 9.3 <br /><br />maybe the problem code:<br />----------------------------------------------------------------------<br />InterfacePtr<IApplication> application(gSession->QueryApplication());<br />ASSERT(application);<br />if (application == nil)      {<br />     ASSERT_FAIL("application invalid"); <br />     return;<br />}<br />InterfacePtr<IDialogMgr> dialogMgr(application, UseDefaultIID());<br />ASSERT(dialogMgr);<br />if (dialogMgr == nil) { <br />     ASSERT_FAIL("dialogMgr invalid"); <br />     return;<br />}<br />PMLocaleId nLocale = LocaleSetting::GetLocale();<br />RsrcSpec dialogSpec(nLocale, kTestPluginID, kViewRsrcType, kTestDialogResourceID, kTrue);<br /><br />IDialog* dialog = dialogMgr->CreateNewDialog(dialogSpec, IDialog::kMovableModal);<br />ASSERT(dialog);<br />if (dialog == nil)  { <br />     ASSERT_FAIL("can't create dialog"); <br />     return;<br />}<br />dialog->Open();<br /><br />----------------------------------------------------------------------<br /><br />Thanks in advance<br />Ralph