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    Does IDSD solve server issues?


      We've been having a lot of issues with Indesign CS2 crashing when placing images from our server and when saving to the server. It's not 100% recreatable but it happens a lot. The nature of our business requires that all the production and design staff have all their files on the server (not sure what kind of server it is, other than MacOSX, and it's 2.73 TB) and work off of that. We're constantly opening files, making changes and closing them, (we make dozens of ads and direct mail and outdoor advertising files each day) rather than a long project kind of deal where we could just move all the files to our individual hard drives. We don't need to share files while we're working on them, but we like having files on the server so if someone else does open the file while we're out they know they're working on the only file, that another version doesn't exist someone on someone's hard drive. So that was unfortunately a laborious explanation and I hope it was clear. Any thoughts on whether this product would solve our problems? Any thoughts on how to solve our problems without getting IDSD?

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          InDesign server is a "faceless" program that is best used in automation environments - kind of mailmerge on steroids. The "Developer" in the forum title indicates this is the place where programmers using that InDesign Server hang out.

          There are different solutions for workgroups, e.g. Adobe's Version Cue, Woodwing SmartConnection and SoftCare's K4 and others come to mind. Features to expect are file history management, access control by user/group, change notifications and so forth, eventually even managed parallel editing on the same document.

          If you happen to be in Europe, you should visit next month's IFRA Expo for an introduction and comparison, otherwise see their websites for other similar events. There are also consultants around that will assist you in choice and setup of such a system.

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            Thanks for the info!