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    InDesign Server CS3 Debug verion

      I have recently downloaded ID Debug version and installed it, before i start using this i thought i would ask a question here.
      is there any difference between debug version and release version of ID? if my main intention is to evaluate to see if ID server has the features that i am looking for, does it make any difference which version i use?
      i reviewed documentation provided in 'intro_to_indesign_cs3_server.pdf' and this document applies to the debug version too?

      apprecate your reply.
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          IanDBrown Level 2
          AFAIK there is no functional difference server debug and release. You may find things slower with the debug build due to additional checks performed, and since additional checks means more/different code it is possible for bugs to exist in one version but not the other - though I don't know of anywhere this applies.

          I'm not sure from the question though - are you asking for the difference between InDesign server debug/release or the difference between InDesign debug and InDesign Server release - there are a whole load of differences there...