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    Certified PDF (Pitstop , Instand PDF etc.)

      At the moment i'm creating brochures via Indesign Server. After I save the document to indd I want the document to become a certified PDF which is ready for printing.

      Is it possible to install Instant PDF and just save via Javascript as Certified PDF ? Or do I have to buy pitstop server and save my indesign file as pdf to a Pitstop Hotfolder ?

      Hope someone can help me!

      Thanks in advance!
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          It is not possible. Certified pdf produces own menu in InDesign, Illustartor or QuarkXPress. One cannot access with a InDesign Java-Script this menu. As you already wrote, Pit stop server would be a solution.
          If you must process many InDesign documents, a complete solution with Enfocus PowerSWITCH, InDesign-Server and PitStop-Server would be the best solution.
          The advantages with PowerSWITCH would be:
          - a continuous Workflow
          - Monitoring of InDesignServer
          - Monitoring of PitStop-Server
          - Notification with incorrect documents or failed processes.
          and much much more.

          Greet Andreas