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    cfftp GetFile ?

      Am I missing something with the cfftp tag?
      I'm assuming that the localfile attribute is referring to the user's computer? So if a user clicks a form button to "get the file", and the processing script looks like this:

      connection = "theConnection"
      action = "getFile"
      transferMode = "binary"
      localFile = "C:\seminartest\seminars.mdb"
      remoteFile = "D:\websites\domainnamehere\htdocs\clients\seminars\seminars.mdb"
      failifexists = "no">

      shouldn't the remote file be downloaded to the user's C: drive in the directory specified?

      When I do this I get an error:
      The cause of this exception was that: C:\seminartest\seminars.mdb (The system cannot find the path specified).

      But the directory and the file in it do exist.

      Thanks! You guys are great,