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    Tagging TextFrames With InDesign Server - not showign in desktop?

      Hi all,

      Ive come across a weird issue with marking up text frames with InDesign Server (CS3) whilst processing xml rules during an xml import.

      I run the following code on desktop it works fine. When run on server, it works apart from the frames will not highlight when "Show Tagged Frames" is selected.

      (code cut for brevity)..

      //..open a new doc, import the xml file, process the rule set.

      function AddTextFrame(element)
      this.name = "AddTextFrame";
      this.xpath = "//textFrame";
      this.apply = function(element, myRuleProcessor)
      var frame = page.textFrames.add();
      //...frame geometry code goes here...

      As Ive stated, the code is functionally fine on desktop and server, but the tagged frames will not highlight when the document is created on server?

      Ive tried numerous work arounds (placeIntoFrame etc) but to no avail.

      Any ideas, is this a known/expected behaviour?

      Cheers, Scott