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    Any TextFrame Created on Server will not show as tagged on desktop

      Hi All,

      related to an eariler post - if I create "any" text frame on InDesign Server, it will not show as tagged when opened in desktop.

      I run the following code on InDesign Server CS3:

      var doc = app.documents.add();
      var frame = doc.pages.item(0).textFrames.add();
      //..set geometry...save document...

      When I then open the document in desktop and tag the frame, it all works functionally but the frame will not display as tagged ("ie View..Structure..Show Tagged Frames").

      If I add a new frame to the same document (via UI) and tag it - it all works fine.

      If I copy the server generated frame - it will still not display as tagged.

      Strange, and very annoying! Has anyone else come across this issue.

      Can anyone else replicate it for me so I know I'm not mad or have some dodgy install?

      Cheers, Scott