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    [CS3 - JAVA] Problem embedding a linked file

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      Hello everyone,
      I want to change the link of a Graphic object (in Java / Corba).
      The following snippet doesn't work. The file is not embeded into the document (but the image is more or less placed and rendered). If I want to update more than one time the same Graphic object, it fails.

      Here's what I do (assuming oGraphic is a Graphic object) :


      //get the link
      oLink = oGraphic.getItemLink();

      //Should I unembed first the previous link (if it is embeded) ?

      //change the linked file

      //update the zone link (not necessary ?)

      //embed the linked file into the Ids document

      //save the document
      catch (...)

      What's the correct solution to change the linked file of a link of a Graphic object ?