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    [IDS CS3 WIN] .tmp and .idlk files not getting cleaned up

      I'm using a C# Soap client with CS3 Server on Windows. My script is opening a template file, importing a tagged file, then saving an ID document and generating a PDF file. The script closes the document before quiting, but I'm seeing a trail of .idlk and .tmp files left behind on the server.

      Example: I'm starting with the following files... importTemplate.indd and importTest.txt. The script opens importTemplate.indd, imports importTest.txt and creates importTest.indd and importTest.pdf, then closes the document.

      For testing purposes, these files are all located in the same location. What I see in the directory after the script has run (successfully) now includes the following:

      I am closing the document with the following:

      I could understand if the document wasn't getting closed that I would see one .idlk file, but why 3?

      Has anyone else encountered this problem?