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    Font name mapping: Eg. Mac to Windows

      There are fonts -generic and font-families, that don't have the same name under MacOs and Windows. Our issue is that we might be creating InDesign documents in MacOs, but processing them on InDesign Server -Windows, and we might be getting missing font warnings and errors. Is there a way to generically apply a font mapping to InDesign Server? We are also QuarkXPress Server users and it does include this feature.


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          Any findings on this topic? We are in the same boat: moving InDesign documents from Mac to Windows, missing fonts. Even if we can map the fonts for each document, this is a repeat operation for every document and very time consumming when we have more than 600 docs to convert.
          Yes, in Quark it was simple: just map the fonts once, than subsequent documents "remembered" the local fonts.