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    [IDS JAVA] bug : problem placing an image on the first page of a document

      I have a strange behaviour in InDesign server.
      I have a document with a rectangle on the first page. In this rectangle there's an image (link). In the desktop version of InDesign, the link is far outside the top of the page, so that I can't even take (in the UI) the top "anchor" of the link to resize it (I must move the link in order to grab the top of it and resize it).

      In InDesign Server, if I try to place an image in this rectangle, the server doesn't fail but nothing happen (no placing, no console error, no exception in java...).

      Now if, in InDesign Desktop, I resize the link so that the top anchor is visible in the UI, then in IDS, the image place works perfectly.

      The method I use to place the image is :

      Is this a known bug ? Am I doing something wrong ?