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    Redirecting / Suppressing [font manager] [link manager] errors

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      I have several hundred indd templates that get used by the system I am working on. The template all have linked images in them, some of which get replaced on the fly with variable images. The problem is that when I am debugging the output from the InDesign instance I see lots of errors comming from the link manager and font manager that look like this

      Wed Apr 2 15:34:04 2008 ERROR [link manager] Link missing.; MainG5:Users:User1:Desktop:Links:LOGO-2007.tif

      Wed Apr 2 15:34:04 2008 WARN [font manager] Missing Font Avenir 35 Light

      I want to be able to turn this on and off, but thus far have not found a way to suppress these messages. The only thing I thought I could do is write a program to tail the end of the file and exclude output that have a match for [font manager] or [link manager] but that's not what I want to do.