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    Using InDesign CS3 Server / Flex / AIR / SOAP

      Hi All,

      I want to build a user interface for InDesign Server with FlexBuilder. I have built a test project that works well if InDesign Server and the Flex program are located on the same machine. I press a button in the UI and then via the RunScript command a JavaScript on InDesign Server is started.
      But when I try to run the same on two different machines the Flex project returns with an error, so as if InDesign Server isn't there at all. For SOAP I use the IDSP.wsdl from the SDK. I have changed the address localhost to, but that seems not to be enough to make SOAP work. Maybe there are other keys in the IDSP.wsdl that must be edited. Does someone have an idea or an example ?

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          I am having success across machines using http:

          var ws:WebService = new WebService();
          ws.endpointURI = "";

          Note that I have to explicitly set the endpointURI to override the "localhost" default contained in the http version of the WSDL.

          Also note that the port number is required.

          In addition, you may need to change security settings:

          Assuming your swf is local, set your swf's sandbox type to "localTrusted" by setting security permissions for your swf:

          Use Global Securtiy Settings Panel, and add your IDS machine to the list of trusted URLs

          OR, add a config file to FlashPlayerTrust on the local machine.

          Here's a great article:

          Hope this helps,
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            Hi I'm a newbie and want to set up a system with Flex (web user), InDesign Server CS3 as production machine. The variable data should come from a database like MySQL or MSSQL. Any suggestions on which documents I must read?