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    InDesign Server Plugin


      I'm developing a plugin for indesign server cs2. Right now i just wanna see an open document and get the story list from it. This is how my boss class definition in my .fr file looks

      IID_ISTORYLIST, kIPStoryListImpl,

      I have added the kIPPrefix value for kIPStoryListImpl as well as the Class Id value for kIPDocBoss in the ...ID.h file

      and the third thing i did was add this line to the...FactoryList.h file:::
      REGISTER_PMINTERFACE(IPStoryList, kIPStoryListImpl)

      IP is the short name of my plugin

      I get this error
      Identifier 'IID_ISTORYLIST' does not name a numeric value

      Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong. Basically I wannna get a hold of an indd document and change the text of the different stories in it. Am i using the wrong boss file or something. could someone please help