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    Training for InDesign Server Development

      My co-worker and I are both experienced Java developers, but we are having a difficult time using the In Design Server Java API. We are finding that the API documentation does not provide a lot of information. We are in-house developers and do not aspire to be commercial developers. Is there formal training that's available or more useful documentation for people like ourselves? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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          I have spent some time geting Java automation to work with InDesign, it's not my favorite language but I learned some things that may help and put them into some course content that Adobe should put out shortly; will post here when it is available online.

          Our company, Silicon Publishing, provides general InDesign Server automation training, though we don't have a current offering that specifically targets Java we teach some of the basics of working with Java (many unique techniques!) and could arrange a limited form of training.

          The documentation and samples with the SDK should take you part of the way there: for specific scripts, it has been helpful to us to get things working in an easier-to-write (i.e. JavaScript) script first, then translate such a script to Java, taking into account the unique characteristics of the language and various tactics (outlined in the SDK documentation) to address these.


          Max Dunn
          Silicon Publishing
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            Thanks for your input. We have been using the sample Java classes that come with the SDK, however, didn't think of using JavaScript first and then translating it to Java. That is a good idea. We look forward to the online course when it becomes available.