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    Opening CS2 document in CS3 Server not working,


      I'm trying to open an InDesign CS2 document in CS3 Server, but when I do that, the Application.open() doesn't return.

      InDesignServer.exe starts working for a while, creates a lock file, but then it starts to idle and the call won't return.

      After this, I cant do anything against the server anymore, until i restart it.

      Is this a known issue? is there a solution for this?

      I'm using the Java/CORBA interface.

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          I got it working after uninstalling and installing again, and updating, but now i have another problem.

          06/05/08 14:50:55 WARN [server] "Untitled" may be damaged. Do you want to open it anyway?
          Script request "open 'odoc' kOpenEventScriptElement[AppFramework + 88 (0x16158)]" returning generic error kFailure. Eng: Please replace with a more specific error code. QE: Please report this assert as a 2/2 bug with keyword 'Better Scripting Error.'

          I think it's saying cancel for me, is there a way to change this and make it say OK?