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    [IDS CORBA JAVA] running InDesign CS3 Server and Java components on different machines

      We are developing a InDesign CS3 Server solution with the Java API and CORBA. We have the Java components in one machine and use the standard CS3-CORBA interface to communicate with the Server, which is on another machine. The only thing we have to do, is to provide the ior.txt file to the client machine.

      Everything functions well, BUT...

      on the document "Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS3 Server" (Technical note #10123) you can read:

      "NOTE: The currently supported workflow is to have InDesign Server, the IOR file, and the Java program all on the same machine." (page 11)

      "Furthermore, while CORBA provides support for accessing objects across multiple machines, we only support running both InDesign Server and the Java components on the same machine." (page 16)

      So we are a little bit concerned about implementing a solution based on this architecture. Why should someone write this, if a distributed architecture does in fact function?

      Has anyone have more information about this issue?

      Kind regards,