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    Can you save the document on Mac OS?

    Norio Kawamura Level 4
      I have my plug-ins for InDesign Server on Win and Mac OS. These open the InDesign documents and save. But I can't save the documens with error on Mac OS, I can save documens on Win and save as other documents on Mac OS and Win.
      (I can't save the documens on InDesign Server Mac, I can save the documens on Desktop InDesign Mac with same plug-in.)
      I am using the following code.
      if ( docFileHandler->CanSave(docUIDRef) ) docFileHandler->Save( docUIDRef, kSuppressUI );
      Does anybody can save the document on InDesign Server for Mac OS?
      I am using InDesign Server CS2_J 4.0.4 Mac and Win.