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    Licencing for "in-house" solution

    GagnonEric Level 1

      It's probably not the best place to ask, but in case someone could help me.

      From what i understand, Indesign Server is available to licencing firstly and mostly to system integrators. There is not pre-defined plan for in-house developpement (ie. You just cant go and buy a licence throught the website by ex.).

      Also, i understand that the User licence of Indesign (the "user" version) prohibit using it in a client-server setup. The user can launch automation scrips but has to wait for the process to finish, you cant have a application that drive the automation script by managing a pool of process sent by a user (or many users) [on a local network by exemple]. (if i'm wrong on that assumption, please tell me!).

      So i would very likely need a Indesign Server licence for our In-House developpement and there is no plan to resell the "solution" that will be developped with it.

      I have asked through Adobe account for licencing (getting a contact) and was answered this:

      "I need to inform you that you will have to our Adobe Open
      Options Customer Service department at the number listed below, as this
      is a volume license issue."

      I dont understand why it's a volume licence issue as i would very likely just need one licence for in-house use (production).

      Can someone confirm-me if it's the appropriate department to contact or have any information that is not under non-disclosure that would be of help (to me or other people in a similar situation).

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          Hi Eric,

          I understand your confusion. InDesign Server is a rather esoteric product and was released originally with the concept that it would be provided exclusively by resellers offering custom solutions or software built on the InDesign Server engine. It is not sold in the same way as desktop software.

          It appears that whover you spoke to at Adobe gave you incorrect information.

          My company, Silicon Publishing, resells InDesign Server and we would be happy to sell you a copy. It is also possible to purchase it directly from Adobe or from other resellers. There is not exactly a "plan" for in-house development, but it is quite common, and in such cases resellers or Adobe simply sell the software without additional custom development or software built on top of it. Many companies have built their own in-house solutions, as the technique of automation is straightforward and well-documented.

          Let me know if you have any further questions.

          Max Dunn
          Silicon Publishing
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            GagnonEric Level 1
            Thanks for the information!

            I'm a bit short of time as i'm leaving for vacations, i'll get back in touch with you when i'm back (in two weeks).