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    Re-Launching CS3 ID server after a crash.

    Jamesey2001 Level 1
      We have an IDCS3 Server running on MACOSX, usually started from the terminal ( via an apple script ).
      Occasionally after processing a large number of jobs, the server process can crash.

      This itself is not too big a problem, but I was wondering if anyone knew how the process could automatically re-launch if it stops for any reason.


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          Sean Hodges Level 1
          This may not be exactly the answer you're looking for, but by switching to launchd you can leverage a lot of the daemon tools built in to the Mac:


          You can set your launchd script to start on demand or on boot, and you will also get a "keep alive" mechanism for ensuring IDS CS3 is restarted in the event of a crash:


          If you're looking for an AppleScript solution, sorry I don't have much experience with that. I'd imagine you could assign a pid to the IDS instance, and poll that the process is still active...