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      Hi,<br /><br />I can't make ColdFusion work with IDS SOAP. I am getting this error:<br /><br />Could not instantiate stub objects for web service invocation.<br />The rootcause was that: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException <br />java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException<br />...<br />Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError<br />     at _110._100._168._192.indesign.IDSP_wsdl.ServiceLocator.getService(ServiceLocator.java:58)< br />     at _110._100._168._192.indesign.IDSP_wsdl.ServiceLocator.getService(ServiceLocator.java:54)< br />     at _110._100._168._192.indesign.IDSP_wsdl.ServiceLocator.getPort(ServiceLocator.java:102)<br />     ... 31 more<br /><br />CF code:<br /><br /><cfset aRunScriptParameters=StructNew()><br /><cfset aRunScriptParameters.scriptFile = "#application.folder_root#\indesign\scripts\hello.jsx" ><br /><cfset aRunScriptParameters.scriptLanguage = "Javascript" ><br /><br /><cfset foo = "" ><br /><cfinvoke webservice="" method="runScript" returnVariable="foo"><br /><cfinvokeargument name="runScriptParameters" value="#aRunScriptParameters#"/><br /><cfinvokeargument name="errorNumber" value=""/><br /><cfinvokeargument name="errorString" value=""/><br /></cfinvoke><br /><cfoutput>#foo#</cfoutput><br /><br />CF version: 7<br />JRE: 1.4<br /><br />InDesign Server is running on host:<br />IDSP.wsdl is stored in different HTTP server<br /><br /><service name="Service"><br /> <documentation>gSOAP 2.7.8c generated service definition</documentation><br /> <port name="Service" binding="tns:Service"><br />  <SOAP:address location=""/><br /> </port><br /></service><br /><br />I have checked it with java client, works fine.<br />Also, I can connect with CF http connection to IDS and read SOAP XML:<br /><br /><cfhttp url=""><br /><cfoutput><br />  #cfhttp.filecontent#<br /></cfoutput><br /><br />It is really strange for me that Adobe does not provide any examples of their server side programming language ColdFusion connectivity with InDesing server!<br /><br />Any help would be appreciated!<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Andrejus