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    About multi instances

      Hi all.
      Very happy I can found this forum.
      My company is considering to use InDesign Server as one of candidate solutions to our Japanese customers.
      I have bassic questions.
      1. Does "multi instances" mean "multi cpu" ? that means, 1 instance for 1 cpu, 2 instances for 2 cpu, 4 instances for 4 cpu ?
      2. If we use multi instances, how InDesign Server will log an error ? each instance will be logged separately to some error files (or another error handling system) ?
      Thank you in advance.
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          Multi-instance means running more than one InDesign Server process on the same machine. It is not dependent on the number of processors the machine has. So you could run 3 processes on a single processor machine, etc.

          Each process logs it's errors by writing them to stderr/stdout. You can redirect this whereever you would like. Errors are also logged to an in memory so that they could be accessed from a plug-in.
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            I see. Thank you Michael.
            I just wondered about a sentence written in "InDesign Server CS2 frequently asked question".
            "Multiple instances : InDesign Server CS2 increases performance by supporting multiple, concurrent instances on one-, two-, and four-processor machines."
            So I think there's a relationship between multi instances and multi cpu. Sorry if I missunderstand about this sentence.
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              Obviously you will get more performance gain from running multiple instances on a multiprocessor machine.