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    Slow access on Network-folders

      Hello forum,

      I have a big problem with the speed of Indesign Server, when i try to access a Network path.

      The Server is running and gets a script via SOAP and everything is working well, except the speed. Within the script i open a document, which is placed in a network folder :
      (Command: doc = app.open("\\\\server-ip\\path\\file.indt");

      This process lasts almost 10 seconds, and after that, everthing runs fast.
      When i place the file on the local machine, the script runs in less then a second.

      It is only slow at the first time i access the network path (within the one script), i.e. when i place a file from the network with 'doc.place()' after the opening, it is fast.

      I use Windows Server 2003 32bit, Indesign Server CS3,
      and the files are on a SuseLinux 10.1 with Samba.

      help would be welcome


      Michael Rupp