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    Indesign CS3 Server, .Net and cyrillic

      I'am trying to develope a Silverligt Interface for Indesign Setrver and using SOAP as a protocol between IDS and .NET. Everyting works fine (even German Umlatus) until i try to send a cyrillic text.
      One example:
      I'am sending "абвгд" and IDS creates text with content "01234".
      I thought .Net sends the content incorrect, that'swhy i opened the SOAP Envelope - the text was correct. I wrote "абвгд" inside the .jsx-file which create a PDF file - IDS created correct again.

      Maybe there is anybody, who had the same problem a can help me.

      Kind regards,
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          Hi Petar,

          Sounds like a font issue. Can you open InDesign and type out "абвгд?" Do you have the proper fonts on the server to render those characters?

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            Hi Eric,

            i attempted to create a Silverligh application which fill the visit card form the IndesignServer Tutorial Page (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/indesign/training/tutorial3_2007_apr/)

            Here is the extraction of the JavaScript file
            // looks not good
            // insted of абвгд is 01234 saved in the card.indd
            myDoc.xmlElements.item("Root").xmlElements.item("card").xmlElements.item("name").contents = app.scriptArgs.get("name");

            // if i try this looks great
            // абвгд will be saved in the file
            myDoc.xmlElements.item("Root").xmlElements.item("card").xmlElements.item("name").contents = "абвгд"

            myDoc.save(new File("C:/test/card.indd"));
            // Indesign Server prints 01234
            // Indesign prints ?????
            // but its ok because i have Win2008 EN Server

            so i thought .Net send incorrect SOAP code, but if i save ( with help from PHP and print_r($HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA )) i can see that Silverlight/.Net sends correct.

            I'm using Adobe InDesign Server CS3 Release WIN (Multilang) on one Windows Server 2008 English machine. I think there is no problem with the fonts, because i can save indd-files with cyrillic content (myDoc.xmlElements.item("Root").xmlElements.item("card").xmlElements.item("name").content s = "абвгд")
            I can open InDesign CS3 Tryout (the desktop version, not the Server) and type cyrillc too. It's everything correct.

            Mabye you have any ideas?

            Thanks and regards,
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              Mfi Previon
              Hi Petar,

              Maybe this post will help:

              Kind Regards,