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      Does anyone know what the array values are relative to when you call app.memoryStatistics()?

      Here's a response from it: 0,0,235290624,489771008,110112768,0,53

      I think the 110112768 value (index 4) may be how much memory IDS is using in bytes.

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          Hey Eric,

          I asked one of our developers this question and this was his reply:
          Assuming a Windows release build, they are (in order):

          core memory allocations
          core memory size
          private bytes
          virtual memory size
          resident memory size
          handle count
          gdi object count

          Some of the values are only valid when running the debug build (the core count/size).

          In this example, private bytes is approx 235 MB, virtual memory is approx 489 MB.

          On the Mac, gdi object count is always 0.

          Hope this helps!

          Jeffrey O'Donald
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            That's perfect, Jeffrey!

            It's *awesome* to have you here responding to questions with official answers.

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              exist others arguments?

              app.processorStatistics() ????