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    [IDS CS2 JS]: Connecting / Calling

      Connecting to the IDS:

      The Test client that is included in the installation can only connect trough the SOAP interface.
      we've managed to get the test client to work, but are wondering if there are any alternative ways to connect to the IDS.

      Is it possible to call IDS from a browser / JavaScript, and tell it to start a script?
      Can you add a Parameter to that call ? (such as a FilePath)
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          Several developers have integrated InDesign Server into web applications. In these solutions, InDesign Server is typically called by one of the server-side web application components, not directly from the browser.

          There are tools available for JavaScript to be able to call a Web service (SOAP), so using these tools it should be possible for JavaScript running in a browser to call InDesign Server directly.

          If this doesn't work for you, you could write and InDesign Server plug-in that the browser could communicate with directly.
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            We would not recommend building a system where InDesign Server is called directly from a browser or where InDesign Server is directly exposed on the internet. Our intent is that web developers integrate InDesign Server into web applications, that front end InDesign Server. The web application, using typcial toolsets for building web applications, provide for security, scalability, etc. InDesign Server does not have security built into it.