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    Problem with missing links.

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      Company I work for is developing web application that processes InDesign documents (we use CS2 and CS3 servers).

      We experience problem when users upload documents containing external links to some network paths and these network paths are inaccessible from our server. In this cases performance degrades drastically. For example document with 20 external links to network paths is opened by InDesignServer by 7 minutes, while the same document with external links to some local path is opened within 5 seconds.

      I suggest that this degradation is caused by time InDesign Server is trying to access network path to check status of the link, as it can take a lot of time to assure that path is invalid.

      Does anybody knows if it possible to change the way InDesign links lookup works: change timeout of lookup operation, or avoid link lookup at all? Or maybe there is other solution of our problem?