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    problem jpeg export

      Hi there I have a problem I hope someone can help me with.
      Im running INDesign Server and producing jpegs and pdfs through the soap interface.
      With some images when they are imported into the IDD template and exported out again as JPEGs they seem to lose the middle of the image. It like somebody has cut half the image out with a pair of scissors.When exported as PDF there is no problem. I was wondering if anybody has experienced this problem and can offer tips.
      I don't understand why some JPGs have the problem but others dont.
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          Hiya- I am having this problem as well, when .idd is exported as .pdf some (not all) of the images are missing pieces, exactly like they were cut with a scissors. I see you didn't get a reply so i don't hold out too much hope of receiving help. I was hoping if you have figured it out then you could pass on the info here to me- thanks so much