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    [IDS CS2][JS]Pdf export colorspace problem


      Why is a pdf export with a certain joboption and a certain colorsettingsprofile (.cnf) in IDS not the same as in the standalone version? I use exactly the same profiles, i get no errors in my javascript output, so i assume it actualy applies those settings and still there is a difference.
      I want to generate a pdf wich leaves different colorspaces (in the images) as is (cmyk has to stay cmyk and rgb has to stay rgb, grayscale...) and images with colorprofiles has to keep there profiles and there is a replacement strategy (from the colorsettingsfile) if there is no colorprofile attached (to the images). This works as expected in the standaloneversion but the serverversion converts all images to rgb and applies the same rgb-colorprofile to all images. My point is: why act they different? What am i missing?

      Thanks for any valuable input!