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    Relinking to modified file names is working in CS3 and not in CS2

      We are trying to remove a few characters identified as illegal(cannot be used in the file names in Windows) from the file names and then modify the InDesign layout files to relink to the modified file names. We are using the InDesign CS3 server to open up the application and work on the layout files using Java and CORBA mode(used CS3 SDK). First we remove the illegal characters from the file names. Next we will go through all the links in a layout file and will identify the links with illegal characters and relink it to the modified files. The relinking will happen to only those files which has a state NORMAL before the file names are modified. This approach works fine for the CS3 files but for CS2 after the file names got modified the link rolls back to the file path on the original m/c where the link was created and the relinking is not working.

      Have anyone did something similar to that, if so can you provide with some details on how to address this issue.

      Do let me know if you need any more specific information for providing your inputs to address this issue. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.