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    CORBA ParagraphStyle Reading getAppliedFont()  Error

      I tried to generate a list with all paragraphstyles by name, id etc. and applied font in each paragraphstyle.
      My Testdocument works fine without problems in an Pearl Script.
      (I tried this to find out, if it is an document problem)
      Under the Java development I got a "unknown Source" Problem by CORBA. Why?
      Here is my Code snippet: (scDoc (Type Document) is set before!)
      ParagraphStyle para [] = scDoc.getAllChildParagraphStyles();

      for (int i = 0; i < para.length; i++)
      String paraName = para[i].getName();
      int paraId = para[i].getId();
      String fontStyle = para[i].getFontStyle();

      double fontSizeD = para[i].getPointSize().asDouble();
      float fontSize = new Double (fontSizeD).floatValue();

      String font = para[i].getAppliedFont().asString(); // Here is the Problem
      Thanks for your help, folks!