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    How generated InDesignServerAPI.jar ?

      I had do this below<br /><br />Regeneration steps<br />The regeneration process typically is executed as follows:<br /><br />ANT_HOME  Set to the path of your installed ANT folder.<br /><br />JAVA_HOME  Set to the path of your installed JDK folder.<br /><br />PATH  Add the ANT\bin folder to your existing path variable.<br /><br />   Windows:  cd <C++SDK>\source\public\components\server\common\corba<br />  <br />   Windows:<br />     &#8195;&#8195;corba.cmd release -home="c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3 Server"<br /><br />result:<br /><br />About to build CORBA API for Release. Expect this process to take at least 20-30<br /> minutes. The beginning of each step will be noted in this console window. For m<br />ore details on the status of these steps, please look at inDesignBldCorba_Releas<br />e.log.<br /><br />Building CORBA API for Release now...<br /><br />15:28<br />Step 1 of 7: Preparing directories...<br /><br />15:28<br />Step 2 of 7: Using InDesign Server to create CORBA sourcefiles...<br /><br />15:28<br />Step 3 of 7: Calling buildidl to build IDL files and Java stubs...<br /><br />CORBA API BUILD FAILED<br /><br />why? who can help me , thanks