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    edit inDesign templates online

      Hi, does anyone know a solution to edit an indesign template online?
      Here is the situation:
      I have a template of a letter, I define a couple of fields to be variable (let's say title, name, signature name)
      I want to build a website to view the template, edit the fields, preview the result, and export as pdf

      Do you know if there is any solution available to do that?


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          What you are looking for can be found at www.pectora.com. They have an online webeditor that can do the job. However it is part of a high-end solution and could turn out to be pricey :-)

          Pectora is also part of a solution called IMMIX. It involves a CMS system called Sitecore and communicates directly with InDesign/InDesign Server.

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