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    CS3 - scaling image

      I've created a rectangle and placed an image in there.

      How can I set the scaling en X/Y values of the image.
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          Can you post your code to place an image into a Rectangle? When I do it and open the results in InDesign, the rectangle is filled with gray, although the links window shows the file I placed. Here is my code:

          newFrame = myPage.addRectangle(OptArg.noLayer(),

          VariableType[] placedItems = newFrame.place(imagePath);

          newFrame.setGeometricBounds(UnitUtils.createDouble(new double[]{
          yc, xc, yc + d, xc + w}));
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            (evbeem) Level 1
            I don't think it's the script.
            What InDesign is doing is showing you a Gray Out view of the image.
            This is done by ID to speed up rendering. Also, there are two other preview options for imported pictures in InDesign: Proxy (low res) and High Resolution.

            Open InDesign but don't open any documents. This will save the preferences for all newly opened documents from now on.
            Then under InDesign > Preferences > Display Performance, you will see the options for the image previews. At the top, there's the default view that you can choose for all newly imported images and below you choose the properties of the preset views incase you want to change them while the document is open.

            Also, you can change the view setting of any image on the fly by right- or Ctrl-clicking on the image and selecting Display Performance and choosing one of the presets.