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      Anyone have an example of how to call this into a textframe or any other gothchas using Xtags in IDS

      many thanks everyone
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          ianwhit Level 1
          I'm trying this test but...


          pathX = "blabla"

          Set myInDesignServer = CreateObject("InDesignServer.Application.CS4")
          Set myDocument = myInDesignServer.Documents.Add

          Set myTextFrame = myDocument.Pages.Item(1).TextFrames.Add
          myTextFrame.GeometricBounds = Array("6mm", "6mm", "200mm", "200mm")
          myTextFrame.getTextWithXtags "" & pathX & "test.txt", true, true, false, idutf8

          myInDesignServer.Documents.Item(1).Export "Adobe PDF", "" & pathX & "Test.pdf", myInDesignServer.PDFExportPresets.Item("[Press Quality]")


          I get...

          Object doesn't support this property or method: 'myTextFrame.getTextWithXtags'

          CS4 doesn't understand getTextWithXtags