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    kImportXMLFileCmdBoss differencies on Desktop and Server

    pardalek Level 1
      Dear developers,

      I have this issue when running my plugin in InDesign Server CS2

      09:57:38 ERROR [server] Adobe InDesign is shutting down. A serious error was detected. Please restart InDesign to recover work in any unsaved InDesign documents.

      If I run the same plugin in InDesign Server CS2 Debug, there is also 'About to use nil pointer statement in the server log.

      If I run the same plugin in InDesign CS2 there is NO such error.

      The problem comes when I try to process kImportXMLFileCmdBoss. All interfaces should be set properly as the XML import is OK in the Desktop version of InDesign.

      Do you have any ideas why this may occur?

      Best regards,