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    Search working differently in Adobe Indesign Server

      Hi there!

      I have just had a pretty weird experience, and thought I would share it with you.

      I need to find various strings and apply a characterstyle to them. I use the search method on a TextFrame. Works like a charm on my Desktop Indesign CS2. When I had finished prototyping the code I implemented it in out server application (almost copy/paste, with very few changes).

      Now I saw a completely different behaviour. After some trial/error I found out that search uses the ReplacingWith value of the previous call to search, if you do not fill out the ReplacingWith value.

      So if you have just made a search with a replace and after that just want to search, then it will do a search/replace with the old ReplacingWith value.
      I would call this a bug, but perhaps I'm missing something?. At the very least it is very confusing behaviour.. :-D... and NOT the way the Desktop Indesign CS2 behaves.

      Well, just a word of advice

      Soeren Thulesen, Digital XPress