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    PDF preset simplier

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      Hello, <br /><br />I use this to load a named pdf preset:<br /><code><br />InterfacePtr<IPDFExptStyleListMgr> docPDFExptStyleListMgr((IPDFExptStyleListMgr*)docWorkspace->QueryInterface(IID_IPDFEXPORT STYLELISTMGR));<br />int32 nStyleIndex=docPDFExptStyleListMgr->GetStyleIndexByName(profileName);<br />if( (nStyleIndex >-1) && (nStyleIndex<docPDFExptStyleListMgr->GetNumStyles()) )<br />styleRef = docPDFExptStyleListMgr->GetNthStyleRef(nStyleIndex);<br /></code><br /><br />In Desktop InDesign I just create the preset in the dialog. It is OK. But now I want to use the same preset in InDesign Server. Is there a way to transfer the preset from Desktop to Server, so I can use the code? Or do I have to do it in a different way?<br /><br />The same with IFlattenerStyleListMgr.
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          PDF export presets are stored system-wide. Those created in InDesign are accessible to InDesign server (or any other Adobe product that supports PDF export) and vice versa (on the Mac they're stored in '/Library/Application Support/Adobe PDF/Settings'

          Flattener styles created in InDesign will also be accessible in ID server provided they are referenced in a PDF export style. If not they will need to be re-created on ID server.
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            Thank you for the quick reply, Tom. But could you please help me with this:

            I have a production server running IDServer. On my laptop I design my production files and have the PDF presets defined. When I am finished with the design I transfer the prod files to the server. But how do I transfer the PDF/EPS presets?

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              You should just be able to copy the '.joboptions' files that contain the presets from your laptop to the machine that hosts ID server.

              These joboptions files are in 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Adobe PDF\Settings' on Windows and '\Library\Application Support\Adobe PDF\Settings' on the Mac.

              EPS presets are different. They're not stored system-wide. You'll need to save the preset on your laptop through the Print Presets dialog, then load it in IDServer on the host machine. Probably the easiest way to do that is with the script...

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                Thank you for help. I will try this asap.
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                  Can you explain better how I must to use this script:

                  Or is there another way to load EPS presets in IDServer on the host machine?

                  Thanks in advance.