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    Unlock InCopy stories with ID CS2 Server

      Hi all,<br /><br />I have an ID document with an Assignment associated to. I'm trying to unlock a InCopy Story of this Assignment with ID CS2 Server but i'm having problems. I'm trying this way:<br /><br />UIDList list(storyRef);<br /><br />InterfacePtr<const IInCopyBridgeCmdSuite> bridgeCmdSuite(::CreateObject2<const IInCopyBridgeCmdSuite>(kICBridgeBaseCmdBoss));<br /><br />bridgeCmdSuite->EditInPlace(list);<br /><br />where storyRef is the UIDRef of the story i'm trying to unlock.<br /><br />In ID CS2 this works ok and the lock file is created for that InCopy Story, but this is not working in ID CS2 Server. The story is not unlock and there are no lock files for that story. If i check if there are any unlock stories this way<br /><br />bool16 b = Utils<IInCopyBridgeUtils>()->AreStoriesLocked (idoc);<br /><br />the result is kFalse.<br /><br />Could anybody help me please?