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    Getting Error while running a script.

      I just installed InDesign Server to our Server and then <br />I ran a simple script "hello world" which is embbeded to ASP web programming <br />test.asp <br /><%<br />Set myInDesignServer = CreateObject("InDesignServer.Application.CS3") <br />Set myDocument = myInDesignServer.Documents.Add <br />Set myPage = myDocument.Pages.Item(1) <br />Set myTextFrame = myPage.TextFrames.Add <br />myTextFrame.GeometricBounds = Array("6p0", "6p0", "18p0", "18p0") <br />myTextFrame.Contents = "Hello World!" <br />myDocument.Save server.MapPath(".") & "\HelloWorld.indd" <br />myInDesignServer.Documents.Item(1).Close<br />set myInDesignServer = nothing<br />%> <br /> <br />and found this error: <br />Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01AD) <br />ActiveX component can't create object: <br />'InDesignServer.Application.CS3' <br />/test/test.asp, line 3 <br /> <br />anyone knows about the error? <br />Please, help me. <br /> <br />Thanks.
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          It sounds like its a security issue. The user that runs InDesign server needs access to various files and folders. In the standard setup it will be the IIS_WPG or Network Service that runs the server, and I think thats what courses your problem.
          In the component manager (Component Services) you will be able to set a different user to launch the InDesign server. Find the Adobe InDesign Server Application under the DCOM Config node, and select Properties, then select Identity. If you instead of The launching user selects This user and then specifies a user with Administrator rights, I think it will work
          But can anyone tell me what rights are required to run the application? I dont hope that it has to be an Administrator account??? I tried with a Power User, but it did not work
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            Hi Jakob,
            thanks, for your answer.

            I made the changes suggested by you, and We're
            getting a different error.

            on Server side we got this error:
            error '8000401a'
            /test2.asp, line 2

            on Client side we got this error:
            Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'
            Permission denied: 'CreateObject'
            /test2.asp, line 2

            thanks again, and looking forward to see for your reply.
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              Check the permissions on the folder where you are trying to save the created .indd doc. Seems as if the user you are running InDesign Server with doesn't have any rights to that folder, ie. can't write to it.