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    QuickTime problems on Intel Macs

      Hi all:

      As has been noted elsewhere, using QT in Director projects on Intel-based Macs is a non-starter, because Director executables are not Universal Binary yet.

      I'm working on a very high-profile project that has a fixed deadline of Sept. 11th (I suppose you can draw your own conclusions from there). It involves a number of standard definition (not HD) video-based kiosks. The app is very simple -- it just triggers the video on a mouse click -- but the key thing is we need to display the highest possible image quality. We had hoped to use H.264. We've also tried 3IVX and Motion JPEG B, which play beautifully in the QT Player but stutter noticeably once in Director.

      I've also tried making a QuickTime Media Link (QTL) file that allows us to "quit when done" so that we can use BuddyAPI to open the program with the QT Player and then drop back to the Director app when done.

      That works great, except for the fact that BudAPI's "baHideTaskBar" is broken as of OSX 10.3, so we can't get rid of the Director app menu bar when we shell out to the QT Player! Arrgh.

      I'm assuming I can't use Sorenson 3 because of the audio sync issues. Sorenson 2 maybe?

      These are running on bottom of the line off-the-shelf single-core Intel Mac Minis w/ 512MB RAM. No, we cannot change the platform. We have to make it work with what we have.

      Any help appreciated. (What would be even more appreciated would be an interim build of Director in the next few weeks that at least supported QT properly on Intel Macs...)