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    TextFrames in InDesign CS3

      Is it possible in a InDesign document (.indd) to setup TextFrames 'that moves proportionally' (with exactly the same space in between) when using 'Fit Frame To Content' on one or multiple TextFrames - or can this only be achieved with scripting?

      Can TextFrames with multiple columns be re-sized when the amount of content changes? I have noticed that textFrame.fit(FitOptions.FRAME_TO_CONTENT) doesn't re-size the TextFrame if it has more then one column.

      Thanks in advance
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          its working in my case....

          I have another problem....
          I want to fit my image in right/left side but its not working....

          myTextFrame.frameFittingOptions.fittingAlignment = AnchorPoint.TOP_RIGHT_ANCHOR;
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            I'm running into the same problem. I have a TextFrame with content that is different depending on the situation. So after I set the TextFrame content, I want to fit the frame to the content but only horizontally.
            It's easy to do in the InDesign UI (double click on a left or right side guide of the frame).

            Any suggestions?

            Thanks in advance.