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    How can I get objects of multiple instances of InDesignServer


      We need to have InDesignServer running in more than one configuration. And we need to script them. So to keep easy let's pretend there are 2 instances of InDesignServer running. One startet with 'indesignserver -configuration conf0' and the other started with 'indesignserver -configuration conf1'.

      So we try (Visual Basic):

      dim myIndApp0 as InDesign.Application
      dim myIndApp1 as InDesign.Application

      myIndApps0 = CreateObject("InDesignServer.Application.CS2")
      myIndApps1 = CreateObject("InDesignServer.Application.CS2")

      But both objects referring to the instance with conf0. How can we get an object of the second instance?

      We tried to solve this using System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses(). So we got both processes. But did not find a way to get an object of class InDesignServer.Application by using an object of System.Diagnostics.Process. Any ideas about that way?