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    Encoding problems between Macintosh and Windows...

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      Hallo folks,

      we encountered a problem when trying to open a InDesign file with mac version of the server on a smb share folder on windows. if the file contains german umlauts (öäü) the server cannot find this file. Names without german special chars works fine. Here a script example:

      var fileName = File.encode("/Users/Me/temp/shareOnWindows/somethingü.indd");
      var file = File(fileName);
      myDoc = app.open(file);

      the path "/Users/Me/temp/shareOnWindow" is mounted with mount_smbfs to a windows xp machine.
      Do somebody knows a solution for this problem?
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          Hi Peter,

          it's always not a good idea to name files with special (non-ascii-7) characters, when you share it between diffrent systems. Because you often has to mask this characters according the system needs.
          In your case mask:
          Ä with A\314\210
          Ö with O\314\210
          Ü with U\314\210
          ä with a\314\210
          ö with o\314\210
          ü with u\314\210

          If you have Mac OSX you can find this out when you open a terminal window to enter Darwin. Type
          ls /Users/Me/temp/shareOnWindows/
          Push return, so you will get a list of the directory entrys (like "dir" in MS DOS). You will see your file like this:
          Now type
          touch /Users/Me/temp/shareOnWindows/somethingu
          Instead of return now push the tab key. The file name should be automatically completed (there have to be only one file beginning with "somethingu") and shown in way the system accepts, this means masked if necessary.

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            Additional info:

            you don't have to excecute the touch command, but if you do the modificate date of the file will be updated.