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    RPC with IDS-Script/IDS-plugin

      Hi @all,
      I am devolping a webfrontend for the IDS based on Adobe Flex which communicates with IDS-Scripts via SOAP (simplified: by clicking a button, a SOAP-message is send and a script will be executed on AIS).

      But this way force me to save all infos I need in an XML-doc, which is used and imported into the script. My idea: send all infos I need directly to a script/plugin and process these in IDS without saving in XML.

      I know that there is a possibility to make remote procedure calls with Flex.

      Is there a chance to let the rpc communicate with scripts (javascript) or java-plugins of IDS?

      Thanks for your help!
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          I am using the WebService class in Flex to send an arbitrary number of parameters to an ExtendScript script which runs on the server. WebService takes care of the parsing of the IDSP.wsdl file, and creates the XML SOAP packet that is then sent to IDS. I did have to use the Flex 3 beta in order to make this all happen, though, since Flex 2 seems to have trouble parsing IDSP.wsdl.